Domestic Abuse

If you are suffering from domestic violence which can include being subjected to threats, intimidation, harassment and/or verbal and physical abuse within a relationship or from family members, then it is important that you obtain protection as soon as possible. The team at Broadway Solicitors specialise in domestic abuse cases and can provide assistance every step of the way. We have an emergency out of office hours mobile number (07957 322868) on which you can contact us and we can represent you at Court on an emergency basis.

Working closely with other local agencies we will advise you as to the best option available for you. We specialise in domestic abuse cases and are used to dealing with difficult relationships and sensitive circumstances.

Types of order

Non Molestation Order

This Order prevents the perpetrator from using violence or threatening, harassing or intimidating you and/or any relevant children. It can also prevent the perpetrator from coming within a certain area and can stop any other specific behaviour that is relevant as well as stopping them from instructing or encouraging someone else to do those things for him/her.

Occupation Order

These types of orders may exclude the perpetrator from your property. Depending on the relationship between the parties, a victim may apply to the court for one or more of the following:

  1. to enforce your right to stay in the home;
  2. to require the other person to allow you to enter and remain in the home;
  3. to regulate the occupation of the home (for example who may use what parts of the house and at what times);
  4. prohibit, suspend or restrict the other person’s rights to occupy the home (and in certain cases to terminate those rights);
  5. to require the other person to leave the home or part of it; and/or
  6. to exclude the other person from a certain geographical distance away from the home.

If the perpetrator breaches the terms of the above orders, it is important that you report this to the police as breaking a non-molestation order or occupation order is a criminal offence.

Applying for an injunction

Legal aid is available for victims of domestic violence who are on a low income or in receipt of certain state benefits. Broadway Solicitors can assist you with applying for emergency public funding in order to obtain an injunction.

For those who do not qualify for legal aid we are able to offer competitive prices or agree a fixed price where possible to suit your budget.

For expert help and advice on dealing with domestic violence, contact Broadway Solicitors today.